[Feature Request] Force send Exp position

Itd be extremely helpful to have a command that’d force-send the existing EXP pedal position again. This could either be triggered by a button press, or by an enter-bank trigger.

The use case for this would be: when switching between presets on a pedal with the Exp mapped somewhere (such as a volume block on a Helix), when switching to a different preset/snapshot/page, I need to re-send the Expression pedals position to the Helix so it sets the new-block to exactly where the pedal is.

Otherwise if the preset had Volume at 0 and the pedal is at 50%, I have to barely touch the Exp pedal after bank jump so it sends the Exp position again to update the block. Having a send-exp-position command would resolve this.


Thanks for the suggestion. We can explore this in v3.9.

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