Feature Request for MC8/MC6/MC3

When in the “Edit Preset” tab on the editor with “Toggle Mode” ON, it would be helpful to have a checkbox for each Msg to enable/disable toggling between the label names for that msg within the preset.

Example: Msgs 1 and 2 have an action of “Press” that toggles between two CC values to turn an effect on / off (like rotary speaker). In this case I would want to toggle between the two labels (e.g. Rty [ON] / Rty [OFF]) upon pressing the footswitch.

Msgs 3 and 4 have an action of “Long Press” that toggles between two CC values (for a different CC # from msgs 1 and 2) to change the speed of the rotary effect between SLOW and FAST. In this case, I would not want the label name to change when “long pressing” the footswitch.

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You can perform the example you listed by turning off the Toggle Mode On and instead using the Toggle Preset in the action menu. You would set it up to Toggle Preset with a “Release” action in Posi:Both and have the Rotary on/off still set up the same (change Press to Release instead).
For the Long Press, set it up to perform in Posi:Both, so it will change the speed in either toggle position.
Personally, I never use Toggle Mode: On and always use the Toggle Preset action as it is able to be fine tuned better.
note: use the Release action instead of Press when you have Long Press actions to avoid conflicts.

Edit: Saw your Facebook post where you found a workable solution so you can disregard this reply. Leaving it in case it helps someone else later on.
I good feature request would be something similar to the PC Scroll Up and Down, but instead for CC.

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