[Feature Request] "Fixed Switch Custom" => select certain bank

I want to use the 3 additional aux switches as follows:

  1. Toggle page (works already)
  2. Jump to my “Home” bank.
  3. “Panic-Button” (everything gets muted).

For functions 2 and 3 to work, it is my understanding that instead of banking up an down I had to be able to access predefined banks directly.

Remark: I understand that I could of cause have 3 adjacent banks to perform the task. But I want a solution were I can jump from all remaining 28 banks directly to banks “Home” and “Panic-Mode”.

Can this be made possible. Or is there a workaround I do not see?

Thanks for any help!

Hi @Karsten.
In MC8 I programmedt aux switches presets like this
Q: Press Toggle Page
R: Press Bank Jump Bank 1 (my Home bank)
S: Press Midi Clock (your Panic-Button will be diferent with multiple CC to mute all your gear)
Next I copied these presets to all banks.
This way, my three aux presets allways do the same in every bank.


Great minds think alike! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: This is basically the setup I’m using as well. I’m considering some extensions to it in the form of contextual long-press actions for specific banks, but my bank programming is already pretty complex without building secret passages into it. :wink:

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Thanx for your replies. Getting hopefull here… But still, I’m having problems to configure the same way you have. I think I described my setup not correctly/complete enough.

Hardware Setup:
MC6 mkII
3-way footswitch (American Looper) connected to Expression Port 2.

This is what I have done/seem to can do: (bold = my selection)
=> “Controller Settings” (I think these are device wide settings)
=> “Configure Omniports”
=> for “Expression Port 2” possible settings:
Aux Switch
Fixed Switch 1 (Deprecated)
Fixed Switch 2 (Deprecated)
Fixed Switch Custom
Midi Out - Standard
Midi Out - Tip Active
Midi Out - Ring Active
=> if selected “Fixed Switch Custom” three new drop-down selections appear for Tip, Ring and Tip+Ring settings. Possible settings here:
Do Nothing
Bank Down
Bank Up
Toggle Page
MIDI Clock Tap Tempo
Toggle MIDI Clock
Start MIDI Clock
Stop MIDI Clock
Toggle Looper Mode
Enter Looper Mode
Exit Looper Mode

It is here, that I would expect possible settings to select certain banks directly.

Is this a dead end? Would I need to have a MC8 instead of a MC6?
Can this feature be added nonetheless into MC6 with a future update?
Or do I have my settings wrong?
Do I have to select “Aux Switch”? But then I could not figure out on where to go on from there. Where do I further define what “Aux Switch” does? When I am editing a bank I still can only access presets A to L and Expr 1 and 2.
Looking into Expr 2 (because Aux Switch is plugged into Epxr 2) I can not find any settings to define actions for tip, ring, and tip+ring.

I am stuck. Please, please advice. :thinking:

Addition: It would also be nice to have for “Fixed Switch Custom” the additional setting “jump back to previous bank”… :grinning:

Is this a dead end? Would I need to have a MC8 instead of a MC6?
Can this feature be added nonetheless into MC6 with a future update?
Or do I have my settings wrong?
We can possibly add a Jump to Bank 1 and Jump to previous bank option in future updates for the Fixed Sw Custom settings. Right now, what you have stated are the available settings for this feature.

Do I have to select “Aux Switch”? But then I could not figure out on where to go on from there. Where do I further define what “Aux Switch” does? When I am editing a bank I still can only access presets A to L and Expr 1 and 2.
If you select the aux switch setting, plugging your 3 button aux switch to Port 1 gives you access to Presets G, H and I, while plugging it into Port 2 gives you Presets J, K and L. So if you need more flexibility in terms of aux switch usage, use the Aux Sw setting so you can utilise a preset to do what you need.

I do what James suggested. Selectet Aux Switch so I can have 3 additional presets, in your case G, H, I. From here I programm just like any other preset. The only difference is that it’s names don’t apperar in LCD.

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The difference, I think, is that the MC8 has additional presets-per-bank that can be accessed using aux switches. The MC6 apparently doesn’t - presets G-L are the Page 2 presets of a given bank. Using our MC8 setup on an MC6 would actually cut into the 12 presets in each bank that can already be directly accessed on the device.

Ahh, now I understand. :smiley: Thanks for clarification!


We can possibly add a Jump to Bank 1 and Jump to previous bank option in future updates for the Fixed Sw Custom settings. Right now, what you have stated are the available settings for this feature.

I understand the way it works now with the “Aux Switch” setting. However, since I have the toggle switch available, access to presets G to L is easily achieved, Hence, I would rather keep all presets from A to L available to control external midi gear. With the MC6 and its 6 Buttons I do not want to use those buttons too much to navigate the MC6 itself. So my dream setup would be:

MC6 switches => mainly to remote control external midi gear
3 button aux switch set to “Fixed Switch Custom” => only to support navigation within MC6
1 switch => switch to bank 1 (HOME) → Update required
1 switch => switch to previous bank (BACK function) → Update required
1 switch => toggle page → works already

Inclusion of these functions in further updates would very much be appriciated.
:heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :joy: :crazy_face:

I wonder if more people would want this added functionality? Please add comments, if you feel the same.

For the above mentioned functions to be even more flexible it might be a good idea to have 3 direct banks available. For some use cases it might be beneficial to have each of the 3 bottons of the aux switch perform a jump to a certain bank. So I suggest extending functionality for “fixed swich custom” like this:
Jump to previous bank
Jump to Bank 1
Jump to Bank 2
Jump to Bank 3

I think for this, we rather implement global presets to assign to aux switches instead. probably 3 global presets in the controller


Great! This sound like a clean solution! :slight_smile:
Only remark: I think the current method of using aux switches has most likly been brougth to good use by many users. But it works different than the new way.
OLD => actions are programmed with presets G, H and I or J, K and L
Advantage: aux switches could be bank specific, more different actions possible (per bank)
Disadvantage: presets G, H and I or J, K and L have to be used (which one might want to use otherwise)
NEW => actions for aux switches can be programmed in with global settings
Advantage: programming independently from presets G to L
Disadvantage: only global settings for aux switches
I think both methods should be possible. So when implementing the new version my suggestion is to have a toggle switch within the global controller settings where one can decide to have it working one or the other way. The old method should be the standard setting so no current setup would need to be adapted.
The most perfect solution would be to create even new presets M, N and O per bank for the 3 aux switches. This way one would have gained effectively three more buttons with the only exeption of not having a display to show stuff. But I suppose this is not possible?

Count me as fanatically in favor of global presets via aux switches! Six would be ideal for the MC8 (three for each of two Omniports). This would be absolutely huge.

@celticelk [celticelk]
Sorry, I was so preoccupied to answer to James that I kind of overlooked your post. But your totally right, you perfectly hit the point I am trying to make.

However, if “global presets” is the achievable solution to implement with the MC6 , I would be happy to have global presets per aux switch as an alternative workaround.

Because I want to use the aux switches mainly for nvaigation of the MC6, I would also need to have this topic solved.

[Feature Request] definition “parent bank” and function “jump to parent bank”

Sorry, maybe I should have left both topics within one thread, but I thought although from my point of view they belong together, actually both could technically be seen seperately. Hence I opened the second topic.

To sum up:
I want to operate MC6 with aux switches to navigate the MC6 itself.
1 Button => HOME
1 Button => TOGGLE
1 Button => BACK (one level, instead of completely going back to home)

This last function “BACK” - because it seems for MC6 “only” global presets will become available - would make it neccessary to have the “parent bank” topic solved as well, since only then I had one globaly valid comand that i could put into one global aux switch setting to bring me one step back (parent bank), and to that from wherever I am at.

Anyone wondering: I opted the “Panic-Button” (mentioned at my initial post) to be moved to the HOME bank. With two allways consistent button presses (HOME + PANIC) this function is than still quick and easy enough available for me.

I am also interested in Global presets … but to complement the Expression pedal presets (1,2,3 & 4 on MC8).
I am spending my MC8 programming time in copying these banks related Expr presets through all the banks I could navigate : it means 30 banks.
I would appreciate to have 4 global Expressions presets (for MC8 and an adapted number for other MCx) BUT WITHOUT loosing the possibility to create a local preset on each bank. In order to keep a special expression setting for some banks. In 90% of my presets I use same values but…
This local expression could be indicated by an on/off expression bank setting.
When On it is the local bank expression which is used, and if Off it will be the global one.
May be is there something to optimize here between expression presets and switches ones, as when you use expression pedal on a TRS output, you don’t use a switch ?
Concerning non displayed presets of MC8, I frequently use them and would appreciate keeping this feature.
And for the Jump Parent Bank and other jumps back actions, what I would appreciate is that successive banks get pushed in a stack, in order to be popped when jumping to last bank. Actually only the last bank is kept…
May be with possibility to push a fictive bank in the stack in order to modify the next return. Also a way to clean the stack… A stack capacity of 10 seems good for me.

Thanks again for the suggestion. the global presets should solve this as well (similar to my answer to the “parent bank”)?

For the Jump to last bank up to n number of stacks, it’s certainly do-able but we just need to evaluate it more, especially when it comes to changing workflows. If we implement this, I can already foresee bunch of users reaching out to ask how come their Jump to last bank no longer jumps to the literal last bank.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in Morningstar, is that it is always hard to please everyone all the time :joy:

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You may keep the last jump but add a new stacked Jump call.
Jumping to a parent bank is not so interesting because I have banks I could jump from many sources, the notion of last stacked bank is more interesting in this case.
And I could add that we could also benefit from a ‘Jump to bank number from global counter n’, in complement of stacked jump :wink:

You do a good job in this :wink:

Thanks for all inputs!

With regards to the “stack solution for going back functionality”:

First I thought right, that should be a great idea. On second thought though I found:
There are basically two approaches to select banks:

  1. linear => by banking down (A+B) or up (B+C) (both for MC6)
  2. branching => by having a home bank to branch off from…

When one does mix up both methods the stack solution could become somewhat confusing when using back jumping functions. Hence, what I really suggest (with the parent bank topic) is, not to have a back function for the actually visited last banks but rather going back to the logically backwards orientated bank.
This way the outcome would allways remain persistent, whatever the way was, the bank was selected.
Anyhow, I myself could work with both methods (stack method or parent bank definition), my main goal here is to have one single command (jump back) that works from all banks and toggle positions alike. This, because with the aux switch I can define only one command in the (new) global preset and can therfore not differentiate between the present bank selection and what the correct (logically) backward orientated bank would be.

But yeah, global presets would defenitly help.

That’s the difference between hierarchical view versus network oriented… one is rigid and limited, running well considering its limits, the other is more flexible but needs more thinking…

I just noticed that in 6/1 version the Copy/Paste MSG is now forgetting the action type (press, release, etc.), certainly editor pb ?

We don’t want to over-complicate the features - but we can look into implementing a different option for jump to last bank, where it can step back up to n values.

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