[Feature Request] External Midi updating display

I am trying to use an external device to control my MC8. I am not having any problems getting it to respond, its doing exactly as expected.

I have it set up so I have a page per song. But I can’t explicitly say I want Bank x, page 2 for example. I can toggle the page, but does it always load on page 1? I don’t want to toggle off the correct page. Maybe a midi command to choose a page could be useful, if not.

This might be solved by the next thing anyway.
What the MC8 doesn’t seem to do is when I engage a preset from an external midi source. The display on the MC8 doesn’t update as if it were pressed on the device it’s self. The MC8 is performed the actions required of that preset, except for updating it’s display. It would handy if it did update with an external midi engage preset message. Also, if the preset were on other page to the one currently displayed then it would switch the page to match the preset, which would solve my earlier suggestion.


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Thanks for bringing this up - yes it looks like a bug. I have fixed it on our end and it will be included in the v3.9.8 update.

Great thanks! Looking forward to it