[Feature Request] Enable action "On Disengae" when Presets are selected via external MIDI

Let’s say I’m on Bank 1, Preset A. I now send via external MIDI controller PC 0 and CC11 to my MC8 to activate Bank 1, Preset B. It would be nice if in that event the “on disengage” actions of Bank 1, preset A were executed.

The reason is as follows. When I change presets, my MC8 activates of course other pedals and sounds on those pedals. With “on disengage” I bypass the pedals I just used. The newly chosen preset then activates just whats needed for it to work. If not I need to fill every preset with bypass messages for those pedals that are not needed for that preset.

Thanks for considering and kindest regards!

Makes sense, let me check this out next week.