FEATURE REQUEST - Dual Front and Rear Press - MC6 Pro

I would like to be able to press both/together a front footswitch and the rear one right behind it - and use that to change pages. In the current version of the MC6 Pro; the default is the back two… and the front two are for bank changes.

While you can set other single switches to trigger a page change; it takes away from the number of options for using those switches, since one of the actions is now being used for a page change.
Additionally this would allow the page change to “follow logically” what is out of the box for bank changes.
Finally one last item - I find it next to impossible to press both the back switches together - unless I move to one side of the device.


I use long-press or double-tap to change pages on preset A or C. Works well for me. Double Tap on A takes me to my ground control bank, double tap on C takes me to the next page. I also use long press where I need to have the preset button do something else.

Yes, as I stated in the request - while you ‘can’ program a page change with a single /specific foot switch; you’re using up that press, or long press, or whatever type of press or release - for the page change AND by overloading the action (press /release/ double press /long press); you’ll get an unwanted page change when you don’t need

For example: If my long presses are reserved for some functional change to my plugins of fx; now using it for two things means I get a page change when I didn’t want it; I just wanted to to change my fx with the long press.

If… by chance… you have “extra” or “unused” presses or releases; then sure you can use those for a page change and it won’t affect anything else. Mine are ALL USED up…

The other reason is consistency: if for certain foot switches a long press changes some fx (plugins); and then for certain other foot switches - the same action, a long press - changes pages; it becomes more to remember and think about.

I do feel this would be a benefit to many of the users

Well, you did not mention that ALL USED up part in the original request. For consistency the same buttons do the almost same thing on every page and bank that I use, it’s easier to remember the work flow while I am playing. But I also understand that not everyone is the same and different strokes for different folks. I get what you are saying.

I also use a TRS 2 button switch off the side to hit home and next page on my MC8, I don’t use one of those on my MC6 as I just leaned in a bit differently with navigation using double tap and long press.