Feature request: display CC# instead of 1-100%?

It would be a lot easier to set the range of the expression pedal to something useful if I could see the CC# it’s on instead of a percent value. I guess this wouldn’t work if you’re sending multiple messages with the expression pedal, but is it possible to have as an option if you’re only sending one at a time, which is how I almost always use it?

In case you want to get this info every once it a while, you can calculate it.

The percent displayed is 0-100%. If you want to calc the output value: percent/100*(expression_max_value - expression_min value)

At 10% with the default 0 and 127 for the expression min and max values , the output value is 10/100*127 or 13 (rounded up from 12.7).

If Morningstar ever allows the choice of curve (e.g., log, reverse) then the above will need to change.

thanks for the suggestion. we do have a ticket in our backlog to show values from 0-127 instead of 0-100%, though not a high priority.

Do note that it is 0-127, not the values the expression is sending out. So if you have a min/max of 0-127, then it will match. If it has a min/max of 50-127, the values shown will still be 0-127.

I hope you will keep the 0-100% as default if this request is applyed. Many of my other tools work with 0-100% and I am used to it.

yes if we do implement this, there will be an option for it. its our burden to support existing features as much as possible

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