[Feature Request] definition "parent bank" and function "jump to parent bank"

I am realizing that with the present function “jump to previous bank” one only gets to jump back one level. If someone has a bank structure several levels deep and jump to previous bank is pressed several times one would only flip forth an back between the last two used banks.
Ideally though one would be able to circle all the way back to “home” bank.
To achieve this, definition for every bank would need to be made what the “parent bank” is.
Apart from the “going back” function mentioned above with this method also several banks could be set up in such a way that one could circle through a certain limited set of banks (those banks would need to refer to each other in a loop). I think this would be a very neat function:
Once a certain bank is reached where topic wise more banks are related to it. One has the dedicated button/function that can be used to circle through that set of banks.
I know this can be achieved with the present logic for programming presets. But for this to work, one has to use the switches of the MCx or use “Aux Switch” which is using up presets that could be used otherwise. Hence the suggestion…
What are your thoughts?

Alternatively, would it be possible to have the 3 aux switches to become fully capable/programmable preset switches (without using existing presets in toggle state}? Meaning for the MC6 the three additional aux switches would become presets M, N and O. Those new presets could then be individually programed per bank, as with the other presets.
I think making the 3 aux switches more flexible in usage would be very helpful, especially for the MC6. Ideally this is done without usage of the current presets of the MC6.
If three additional presets are a memory issue, I would love to see more navigation functions for the 3 aux switches to be implemented otherwise (like my suggestions or by other means). That way the implementation could require less memory for the settings.

As a workaround of sorts, could you set whatever switch you’re using for bank jumps to take you to your “home” bank on Long Press Release maybe?

Also your idea of ‘looping’ bank values might be a good candidate for a Counter… see Concerning PC and CC Number scroll - #11 by moley6knipe

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, that should work. Only thing is, that I do not want to use presets G to L for this (used for controling external gear) I want the aux switch to aid navigation of my MC6. This is currently not possible the way I’d like. If the aux switches became three independent global settings…
(see topic [Feature Request] definition “parent bank” and function “jump to parent bank” )
… that would be a HUGE help! :slight_smile:
Still, for going back a few levels of banks (step by step) or circling through a set of banks I would then require a one command solution, since I could have no command per bank available.
So, yeah, thanks for letting me know of the other topic. That could be the rescue for me:
Counter could be used to circle through a set of banks.
But, a counter could only limited be used for the “parent bank” issue. Since I branch off from my home bank in several “directions” (i.e. Devices, Sounds, Instruments, … and then further down and down till I am at a deep editing mode) I cannot see a way of stepping up again using one constant command with the current programming logic.

What are you saying? Possible? Settings would only need to be made like this:
Bank 1 => parent Bank = x
Bank 2 => parent Bank = x

Bank 30 => parent Bank = x
So this could be another global settings list, that would allow for a BACK function that would allways be valid with one consitent command. Settings memory demand: 30 integer values.
If it could be made possible to have completly independent aux swiches pressets per bank (like with the MC8), I would not need to have this “parent bank” functionallity at all.

Thanks for you input already!

I just added a comment here [Feature Request] "Fixed Switch Custom" => select certain bank concerning the jump back feature.

Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t know if we will implement this yet until we get more feedback from other users who would benefit from this feature. The one big thing we want to avoid is implementing a feature with only a couple of users using it.

This parent bank concept should be able to be implemented with the global presets. Using the MC6 as an example, if we have 3 or 6 global presets which you can assign to your aux switch (via fixed switch custom), you can add a Engage Preset message type to the global preset which engages a Preset A (for example) messages with No Action action, and where your Preset A has a message with a Bank Jump to your “parent bank” with the No Action event. That would essentially work the same?

So all you need here is just a spare message in any of your Preset in each back to have that Bank Jump message to your selected “parent bank”, and the global preset to execute that.


Ohhh, that’s a crafty way to sneak some additional functionality into banks without dedicating a preset to it. I’ll have to think about ways I might use this!

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Many thanks for your responses! Always so quick to respond…

Isn’t this a static solution? Pressing the aux switch would always bring me to the same defined parent bank - as defined in preset A (of the example). Two considerations from my side:

  1. I would like to have all presets A to L (MC6) to remain for controling external midi gear.
  2. Even if I have to use regualar presets A to L to set up navigation jumping back functionality, I think it wouldn’t work because I have only one static command available from the (new) global preset. Regardsless how I direct this command to other destinations (presets) - the result is always static (meaning I can only define to jump to one determined bank), isn’t it? Please advice if I have gotten something wrong here!?

I just want to state again the usefulness for the definition of one aux swich as a “BACK/CIRCLING” swich, which would only be working together with the “parent bank” solution mentioned above:

One singe command/swich could basically be the means to be an allways logically valid “jump bank back” and/or “circle bank” function! :heart_eyes: (as desired/programmed)

Imagine the following setup:
bank 1 => parent bank 1 (home stays home, although even here bank switching could be usefull…)
bank 2 => parent bank 1 (branch 1 => one level deeper)
bank 3 => parent bank 2 (branch 1 => yet again one level deeper)
bank 12 => parent bank 1 (branch 2 => one level deeper)
bank 13 => parent bank 12 (branch 2 => yet again one level deeper)
bank 20 => parent bank 21 (branch 2 => here in circleling mode between banks 20, 21 and 22)
bank 21 => parent bank 22 (branch 2 => here in circleling mode between banks 20, 21 and 22)
bank 22 => parent bank 20 (branch 2 => here in circleling mode between banks 20, 21 and 22)

From bank 1 (home) one can jump to bank 2 and from there to 3 (and back again with each press of the back function swich).
Also, from 1 can jump to bank and 12 and from there to 13 (and back again with each press of the back function switch).
But now, from bank 13 one can jump to bank 20.Once one reaches this “level” the back function switch efectively has become a “circleling bank” button (here among banks 20, 21 and 22).

If one wants to break out of this loop one has to press home switch or use the regular bank up/down functions…

All done with ONE button… :slight_smile:

As defined in preset A of the current bank. If different banks have different Bank Jump messages in their respective preset A, then this achieves the behavior you want.

Oh, ah! But hold on, isn’t there a break in the logic?
I see now the “current bank” (in italics), so yeah, every bank can have a different jump command within preset A. So I could set up different jump destinations within every bank. But how to address them?
Isn’t it, that I do “start off” from one single point - that is my aux switch programmed within the new global preset…
Within that global preset, I have to engage a “normal” preset. But I also must define the bank from which “Preset A” is supposed to be activated. So here the logic brakes for me. When I have to select a bank (to activate preset A within it), I have done a selection nontheless. Its of no use for me, that other presets A at other banks have other destinations defined… Have I something overlooked?

Alternatively (new idea), could there be the selection “current bank” for the “bank number” for the action “engage preset”?
Does this makes sense what I am saying?

Further thought: To avoid infinite looping (hanging up of the device) it should been taken care of not to allow to engage itself. So if selection “current bank” for field “bank selection” for action “engage preset” became a real thing, for preset A selecting preset A at action “engage preset” should be prohibited. Likewise for the other presets…

Maybe it makes sense to have selection “current bank” only available for the global presets…?

The last idea I developed here (current bank selection for function engage preset) I have moved over to a new topic to start clean with a summary.
Please consider this topic to be [CLOSED].
All functionallity that is asked for here could be achieved with the request topic shown below…

[Reature Request] Engage Preset => bank numer selection “Current Bank/Toggle Position” & global aux switch presets