[Feature Request] Default channel per bank

Hi, happy new MC8 user with a feature request :slight_smile:

Would be nice if I could point actions to a bank specific default channel.

My banks tend to target a single device, but the MIDI channel that device is using can change relatively often.

For this reason, the functionality to name MIDI channels hasn’t been of much to me, but it occurs to me that the idea is really to name devices. Long term, adding one more layer of indirection between actions and named channels feels like it could be powerful. Assign actions to a device name (e.g. Tensor), changing the channel a device is assigned to would update all the relevant presets in the relevant banks.

TL;DR a quick way to update the channels assigned to a bank or group of presets would be useful. The devices I use tend to persist longer than their channel assignments.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not 100% sure if I understood correctly, but would a solution like this help?

A utility function to update all the messages in all presets and all banks programmed to send out on Channel 1, for example, to a different channel.

Alternatively, its possible to do this in the v3.9 beta firmware with some minimal effort. Do a data dump to get the json file of your data. Then open it in a text editor and use the text replace to replace all the channel (eg. "channel":1) to a different value, and then load the data back into your device.

hi, yeah the utility function you describe would work for my use case.

Good point with just editing the json dump - it didn’t occur to me to do that, and it’ll work for me for now.