[Feature request]Copy a preset to the end of another one

I don’t think it exists actually ?
Certainly and editor feature which could avoid many loops : Copy+Change preset+Past+Save+Change preset…

i think you need to elaborate more. I dont understand what is this request

Small exemple :frowning: Preset A contains 3 msgs, I copy it.
Then I select preset B and use the new action (Past to the end), and the 3 msg of preset A get copied to the end of preset B .

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I think we’ll tackle this by adding the option to copy multiple messages, and then on the next message paste action, it will paste over the messages starting from where the paste button is clicked.

So, if you copy msg 1, 3 and 5 in Preset A,
and then click on Msg 7 paste in Preset B, it will paste 1, 3, 5 in Preset A to 7, 8, 9 in Preset B


+1 on multi message copying.

Would be very nice, pb is actually we have nothing to select specific message in each preset or I missed it, so will you add a checkbox in front of each message ?

yes, there is no checkbox because no work is done on this yet.

when we do add this feature, there will probably be a
select multiple msgs button which brings out the checkbox or dialog box to select the messages to copy.


testing out one implementation in staging - currently only working for Preset messages (not exp preset messages)

Click Copy Multiple Messages to enable multi-message copying.

Copy messages as per usual. This will add the messages into a buffer. You can click on Clear multi message buffer to clear the buffer.

Click on paste to paste all the messages in the buffer. If there are 4 messages in the buffer (which means you clicked copy on 4 different messages), clicking paste on Msg5 will paste the message to Msg 5, 6, 7 and 8.


Ha ha! As I sat doing exactly this last night I thought “I should wait until the multi copy function is released”…. But pressed on manually. Will try this though, should be a massively useful feature eg I always place my double tap / long press bank jump actions at the end of every bank’s preset F