Feature request: clock/timing options

As I’ve been getting my MC8 set up, I’ve run into a couple of limitations with respect to MIDI clock that suggest feature additions.

  1. Could we have an option to enter the Clock menu without assigning an arbitrary tempo? As an improviser, I’d like to have access to that fine-tuning ability without disturbing whatever tempo I may have tapped in already.

  2. Could we have a global option to turn MIDI Clock output off? I don’t always want my pedals to run in sync, and my incoming EHX 8 Step doesn’t have an “ignore MIDI Clock” setting, but I still want to be able to tap tempos for the MC8’s internal clock (for running waveforms and sequencers).

  3. Could we have an option for the Wait command to specify in clock divisions rather than ms? (So “wait an eight-note” instead of “wait 125ms,” for example.) A “wait until next beat” option would also be cool.

Thanks for the consideration!


  1. Ok we can explore this. Have added to our backlog
  2. Ok this makes sense also.
  3. I don’t think I understood this. Can you elaborate?
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Great - thanks! With respect to item 3, I screwed up the function name - it should have been “Delay,” which adds a specific time delay between messages. My understanding is that this is generally used to prevent a device receiving a stream of commands from being overwhelmed by incoming data. The argument for this command is a set time period, in ms. If we could instead specifty a time period in clock divisions (“delay an eighth-note before executing the next command in the preset’s list”), then we could build some pretty cool quantized functions. A variant would be “delay until the next MIDI Clock beat,” which could then control the start of a function rather than the time spacing between functions.

Hopefully that makes more sense. I should know better than to try to write technical requests before my first cup of coffee. :laughing:

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Can you help me figure out how to send midi clock from Ableton to my Timeline and HX stomp?

I am using USB connection to the MC8.

Yes I need that as well! Delay between actions related to bpm next to ms. Great idea!

You just need to turn off Ignore MIDI Clock in the controller settings, and turn on Cross MIDI Thru


Hi @james , did you check this explanation of @celticelk ? I also think this could be a great useful feature. I’m currently using this exact method since I’m lucky one song contains a tempo of 125 bpm that results in a message delay of 480 ms. But other tempos like e.g. 128 bpm are currently impossible to convert to ms. Could you consider this? Thanks!

I’m not sure how accurate the delay would be. what is your workflow like for this? so you went to execute a CC function, wait x ms, and then execute a different function?

It should be quite accurate and that’s the point where I’m not sure if this is workable. It will be similar to the Sequencer, however it will open up a lot more possibilities. You can build a sequencer with totally random stuff. Or a PC sequence instead of only a CC sequence. Currently, I’m using this in 2 songs, with a sequence of PC messages (Whammy) and CC messages (Enzo) since the current sequencer’s max of 16 is not enough. However, the tempo is now limited to 125 bpm (delay msg setting of 120ms) where it should be 128 bpm.