[Feature Request] CC Value Scroll

It would be nice if the CC Value Scroll included a “step by” so you could increment or decrement by values other than 1. This could be handy if you’d like to set volumes at 25%, 50% and 75%.

Also, a mapping of an expression pedal to the CC Value Scroll so that values could be retained across banks.


I second this petition. It’d be very useful!

Usually, I dial CC values via EXPR pedal, and while it works for most purposes, it is never a precise method. Let’s say that I want 50% exactly , it’s very hard with the EXPR, but with used defined increments, it should be a piece of cake.


I’m using an MC6 and would love to be able to set the increment value as well (both PC and CC scroll messages). It would be extremely helpful in a variety of circumstances.


Yes please. This would be very useful.

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I was just reading about CC Value Scroll in the glossary and wondering how I would use it. Has anyone found any practical uses for it? A CC increment of 1 does seem too small, but maybe I don’t have enough imagination…

This feature would be more realistic for devices that implement different settings based on the CC value. for example, the Jackson Audio Broken Arrow: BROKEN ARROW v2 - MIDI – Jackson Audio

It has a MIDI implementation like this, which would work well for the CC Value scroll function if you want to scroll through the different options:

(value of 1 = 2x SYMETRICAL DIODES)
(value of 2 = 3x ASYMETRICAL DIODES)
(value of 3 = 4x SYMETRICAL DIODES)
(value of 4 = 2x SYMETRICAL RED LED’s)

(value of 1 = 25% GAIN)
(value of 2 = 50% GAIN)
(value of 3 = 75% GAIN)
(value of 4 = 100% GAIN)

(value of 1 = BRIGHT BOOST)
(value of 2 = MID BOOST)
(value of 3 = TAILORED BOOST)
(value of 4 = FULL BOOST)


This would be extremely helpful! One situation is where I want to toggle the input trim of my Source Audio EQ2 between unity (64) and max (127). While I accomplish one or the other simply from certain presets, I use Preset T on all my banks as a global toggle between them. So let’s say Bank 2 Preset B includes a message to bump that EQ2 up to max input trim (127). I need the next time I hit any Preset T to be unity (64) - it could go the other way, as well.

If there was a counter that swapped between 2 different CC values (64 and 127), this would be possible.

Perhaps @james or another member has an idea I haven’t thought of to get this done?

I think it would also be useful to have a set scroll value, ie rather than starting from zero or 127, you could start from last number or a specific number. I use scroll value for scrolling though folders on beat buddy, and I don’t always want to start from the 1st one each time

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but have you tried the Start Value on the Counter page? It should be the first of the 3 numbers you enter (start, min, max).

Is there a way of setting the start value using a preset without changing to a different scroll counter,ie can it normally start at value 50, but press d switch and that sets it to 20

Not possible…. An idea of changing Counter behaviour might make it possible:

Ok I have this in my backlog for v3.9
Add step sizes for CC Value Scroll

Yes, each counter has a start, min and max value:

In the PC/CC scroll message types, there are options to update the value of the counter:

Added this Step Value feature in today’s MC8 v3.9 beta update, if anyone (with a MC8) wants to give it a go. We changed the Increase/Decrease by 1 and Send option to Increase/Decrease and send and the value is specified by the user. So these messages need to be updated in the v3.9 firmware as they will work differently.


Argghhhhhh ? Hours of work…
Couldn’t you create a dedicated Type ‘Manage Counter’ with all the counter only features as already proposed and so not force to update dozens of running banks ???

This just applies to the CC Value Scroll message type, and the step value just needs to be reset to 1.

You can send me your file and I can use a script to change all the values to 1 for you.

Nice, can’t wait to try this on my MC6MkII (I know it’s MC8 only at the mo!). This is going to be a killer feature!!

I would have preferred to have this ‘step value’ included in each counter definition.
And also to have this independent of CC scroll, as it is something more related to the nature of each counter and certainly not limited to CC scroll.
I can give you many different usage of counters with fixed steps related to something else than CC Scroll, even if actually you just implemented counters for CC and PC, I still expect we could use them for bank jump/return, for engaging preset number, etc.

Thank you, I will back up my MC8s and send files by mail, but how will do all the others having many CC Scroll.
Again, please do a more drastic move with a dedicated MSG Type ‘Counter Management’ without necessity to change actual usage of CC Scroll. It will allow migrating existing little by little and open door to new paradigms.

Loving the mc6
And the support
Regards Gavin

Appreciate the feedback, but not the sarcasm. You want it this way, others might want to have different step values for the same counter.

We’re not designing the software only for you to use, I hope you can understand that. We’re just gathering feedback as we develop the beta firmware. If you’re not comfortable with the changes, you should use the stable firmware.

If required, we’ll implement a reset for the CC value scroll step value when users are updating to v3.9.

I don’t see any use for the step value for the bank jump / engage preset that you stated. Maybe you can elaborate? What is the point of jumping banks with a value that is fixed in the counter?

Where have you seen any sarcasm ?? No intention for.

Not very friendly, I spend lot of time in formalizing some suggestions based in my long experience and the usage of your product. It’s free, isn’t it ?
Isn’t it a forum ? Everybody is pushing ideas which he think will interest all the community of buyers of your products.

I already explained the concept in several previous answers here:
If you implement a jump to bank number whose value is taken from a Counter you create dynamic jump feature where actually every jump is static.
And with a counter API MSG such as the one I suggest you can control dynamically the way we could jump between banks.
Here is a live situation example of this concept :
Actually I have general feature banks and some other dedicated to what I will call ‘songs’. Certainly a quite common situation.
But for each song I have dedicated banks with MC8 presets to call specific presets on the external midi synths I control with MC8.
When I choose a song, I jump to a generic bank from where I could jump to specialized preset bank for this song, all I have to do is prepare this jump by setting the bank number in a counter and use a ‘Jump to Counter bank’ message.
Do note that this also solves the dynamic Jump back functionality.

The concept is the same for presets in a bank. I could engage preset number whose value is in a dedicated counter and prepared from the inner song choice.

This is the concept and it needs a more global way of managing global counters … and more counters