(Feature Request) BPM increment/decrement

It would be useful to have a “BPM increment/decrement” midi message.
The tapping feature is great but it is difficult to play a nice continous ritardando (slowing down) with tapping.
If you could assign a button to decrease BPM with a numerical ammount it would be easy.

al the best

There’s the MIDI Clock message type (not to be confused with the MIDI Clock Tap), which brings up a menu that lets you tap, increase or decrease the BPM


Thanks James,
that menu is great.
However, as a keyboard player I don’t actually see the mc8 when I play it, i just feel it with my feet.
When performing a piece that has lots of tempo modulation, It would be fantastic to have separat increase/decrease messages assignable to buttons not having to navigate in and out of menus.


Ok, thanks for the feedback.

You’ll be able to do this in v3.9 (currently in beta) with the Utility message type


Thanks James! That will be amazing!
Could one consider the extra option to increase/decrease BPM by 5 and 10…?

May be could we use a ‘CC’ Counter content to increase/decrease bpm…(yes no more a CC counter in this case but just a counter) : we take the value in counter and set it as new bpm, giving the possibility to prepare the new value by acting on the counter without modifying the current bpm, and Counters have already thepossibility of displying their current value.
Would be very usefull, actually I must reserve many presets just to prepare differents bpm values, not very friendly and wast of presets.

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This is a beautiful addition! Love the tempo Increase / Decrease option. I often want to adjust my tap tempo a few beats, and this it perfect. THANK YOU :raised_hands:t2:

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