[feature request] Better handling for the 4 midi virtual ports

For those using a midi routing device as the IConnectivity, Bomebox or other MidiHub, the recent addition of 3 more output midi ports in MCxx is really welcome.
But its management is very heavy, being forced to mask the ouput ports by inserting a masking-routing message before each message sending of a midi command, is consumming a lot of messages in the 16 available in each preset.
It would far easier if we can select, when sending a midi command to a channel, directly in the send message the ouput ports to use. Checking each port a small check-listbox would solve this easily.
First priority could be to adapt only direct messages sending CC, PC directly or from counters, and those sending notes. And later generalize to specific cases as a SYSEX or any other.

A temporary solution would be to define a default controller sending mask.

Today if we have up to 4 ports, without any mask instruction, each midi message is sent on each port.
This seems to be a by bank feature. So if we’ set a port mask in one bank, it does not seem to be valid on any other bank ???

This is not a good choice, it would be better to have a default where sending is done only on the first midi port + DIN port and if we want to sent it by another port we could use the pre-send masking message.

The best would be a Send PC/CC with the port check-listbox, no need to fix a global default mask because each message could set its own.

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This is really huge for me. At this point I’m having trouble controlling my rig with the current MIDI Output Mask paradigm. I would much rather have Virtual Channels that included the output mask.

cc @james

The last firmware provides a solution which allows to remove all these heavy screening instructions.
You define in controlleur settings default screening by midi channel and it ok now.

It doesn’t solve my issue.

New firmware:
The new MIDI settings are an improvement, however, they don’t allow for configuring multiple channel/port combinations for the same channel.

For example:
Some presets I need to send a message exclusive to Channel 1 on MIDI DIN.
Some presets I need to send a message exclusive to Channel 1 on TRS MIDI.

For this I still need to use MIDI Mask.

What I want:
Define channel/port combinations as Virtual Ports.

For example:
I configure “Custom Port MIDI DIN 01” which only allows Channel 1 on MIDI DIN.
I configure “Custom Port TRS 01” which only allows Channel 1 on TRS MIDI.

Then when I make a preset, I set the output port to one of my custom ports.