[Feature Request]Being able to select the target output by preset message

May be some of you could also be interested by this feature, I don’t know how difficult it could be to implement and even it is something that can be programmed in firmware. Only @james could confirm.

The fact is that when I send a PC or CC (and any other midi non Real Time message), it goes through the USB and the DIN output ( and the various TRS output you could use, for me my MC8 if filled with expression pedals).
I would greatly appreciate to be able to select where I want it to be routed :

  • All
  • Only USB
  • Only DIN
  • and may be when expression TRS is used for midi : expression slot number.

The last point is less important for me, but being able to select between USB and DIN would be so great.

So we could have a preset with lines :

MSG 1 - Press - Send CC 7 - channel x - USB
MSG 2 - Press - Send CC 7 - channel y - DIN
MSG 3 - Press - Send CC 10 - channel z - ALL



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Thanks for the suggestion!

Implementing this requires quite a bit of dev work - I don’t think we can justify this yet. We trying to be more careful in implementing new features as well to avoid the controller being so bloated with features will little usage, but adds a lot to complexity.

Shouldn’t setting the MIDI channel handle this use case already? MIDI messages will still be sent to all outputs but your devices should filter them out if they’re not on the same MIDI channel.

I am quite sure I am not the only to try managing more than 16 midi devices, and with this, we could manage a minimum of 32.

let’s see if there’s any more interest for this :+1:

Definitely can’t be in the v3 firmware though (didn’t provision for this). Will have to in v4 (with a completely different data structure) if we are including it in.

Ok, thank you for following.
I am also still in need for more expression pedals slots, the 4 on MC8 being intensively used, and even with the facility to change each pedal setting according the playing needs, I would appreciate to have more. Solution would be to extend MC8 with some hardware just as you did for midi connections with your midi box, some Expression box. Or an MC10 with 8 exp slots ? I could be interested.
Lest me ask you a last question : is there a way to use the ‘unused presets’ in each bank of the MC8 when we only use expression pedals ( Q, R, S, etc.) ?

The only way would be to use Engage Preset to engage Q R S, T U V as those presets fall outside the presets available in page 1 & 2.

Regarding the expression pedal slots (and just having an open discussion here), I’m not sure if having 8 expression ports would be realistic. Rarely users would have so many expression pedals to use. Have you tried other solutions, like perhaps splitting one expression preset into multiple groups of messages (using the Select Expression Msg type), so you can Select Msg 1,2,3 to be sent out when you move the Exp 1 pedal (for example), and then you can engage Msg 4,5,6 so moving Exp 1 will send different messages.

Thanks for the idea but I use it since its creation, a very nice feature, even if I have to copy most of the 4 expressions settings through all may banks each time I make a change. I think I already suggested that we could have global settings for this in the controller AND possibility to override in each bank with a bank option.
But in some real time play situations, I don’t always do studio recording :wink: , it is not easy to change on the fly the exp pedals config, so having dedicated ones is a gain of one or two press on MC8 switches.

I am very interested in this. I have more than 16 channels split between pedal board and desktop synths and sending all synth messages out of one port only to my splitter (a Blokas Midihub) would be very useful. It would behave the same way as plugging a midi interface into a PC: multiple ports to choose from.

I’d imagine that in a firmware upgrade you would have the setting set to ‘All ports’ by default so that those who don’t wish to use it don’t have to change anything.

im not sure when or whether we will implement this yet. it’s slightly more complicated with our controllers because of the amount of functions it can execute - not like your typical controller where there’s just PC, CC and Note - so a lot of thought needs to go into how existing workflows might change and how it will affect all the users (eg all messages are always sent via USB MIDI. if users can choose whether to send via USB MIDI or not, how can they use the MIDI monitor to troubleshoot?)

just a thought - with this, is it logical then to assume that a user probably wants to either send it to all ports, or to only ONE specific port, and nothing in between? since the user wants to select the port, it probably is for a specific device connected to a specific port?

Thak you for your response, James

An all or one port and nothing inbetween option seems about right, but not quite.

It would mean if I define synth messages through omni 1 to my desktop synths and leave all other outputs at default to go to my pedalboard then it needs to know to exclude pedal messages from omni 1, even though I haven’t explicitly said to, so it sends pedal messages to USB, DIN and omni 2, 3 and 4 (but not omni 1). So I guess inbetween groups would be needed. But rather than have to define groups for everything have a catch all ‘everything else’ default that messages go to if they haven’t been assigned to a specific port.

Clock and other global messages would still need to go to all, I guess?

I’ve not used the MIDI monitor. I guess that’s a compromise people will need to take. It is a MIDI controller first and foremost, afterall!

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Keep your grubby paws off the MIDI Monitor!

Just kidding :wink:

But seriously, the MIDI (and new Activity) Monitor is invaluable for programming and troubleshooting an MC controller.

As long as you don’t use this feature request I don’t see how it would affect you

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Just a thought - maybe instead of adding parameters to every single message type that sends out a MIDI message to let users select what outputs to send it to, we can have a new message type, perhaps called Select MIDI Output, which lets you enable/disable specific outputs, so your follow MIDI messages after this will only be sent via the enabled outputs.

Most users probably will not use this (I believe majority of users has less than 16 MIDI devices), so might be a good trade-off in terms of implementation complexity and impact on all the users


Yes interesting but we are limited in number of MSG by preset, and if one preset needs to send different midi msgs to several ports…
Another idea could be to have an expert mode for the editor where you can input more parameters -in this situation this could be the output ports to use- for each MSG.
If the editor is not in expert mode, it generates default parameters, in this case to automatically send on all outputs.

We cannot add a MIDI Output selection to each individual message just yet, but we just published an update today with an addition to the Utility message type for Bank Preset, Preset and Expression Preset.

The Set MIDI Output Mask option allows you to mask (or enable/disable) specific MIDI outputs until the specified message number.

I know this will take up 1 (or more) message type, but for now I think this is a viable solution for users with > 16 MIDI devices.

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