[Feature Request] Aux switch can trigger Engage Preset command directly

Request: Aux Switch Press can trigger the internal Engage Preset command with all three options (Bank, Preset, and Action) able to be set.

Benefit: Utility presets need only be stored in a single bank of utilities, rather than copied into every bank in exactly the same preset location. This adds a lot of flexibility to aux switches.

Use Cases

UC1: Set an aux switch to turn off all midi-controlled modulation and delay pedals by triggering a single utility preset that does this on press: Bank 2 - Utility, Preset A (has a bunch of CC messages), On Press. This let’s you hit a single aux switch to toggle between dry and wet sounds in any bank without needing multiple copies of each preset.

UC2: Aux switch triggers preset that toggles OD-200 on and off. The on bank enter can configure the OD-200 preset, and a dedicated Boost aux switch toggles the pedal on and off by accessing a single utility preset stashed in a central bank of utilities.

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I second this motion :point_up_2:

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