Feature Request - Auto Load Midi Dictionary for the specific pedal associated with the selected Midi Channel

It would be super convenient if we could somehow link the pedal in the midi dictionary favorites to a midi channel, so when we create a CC message and assign it to that midi channel, the pedal will already be selected in the midi dictionary menu.

Not sure if this is already something we can do and I’m not realizing!


This is a great idea.

A section in General Settings that enables the user to select which devices appear in the library would be a decent alternative if the first suggestion is to costly to implement.

If I understand what you’re saying, I think you can already do that! In the MIDI editor, go to the “midi dictionary” tab at the top, then click “select device.” Next to each device there should be a check box that allows you add it to favorites.

Yes, right now, you can select any device in the MIDI dictionary and add it to favourites by selecting the check box:

And when you open the MIDI dictionary from the CC message type, you’ll see the list of favourites there:

I suppose we could possibly go one step further and have a “suggested device” appear

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Oh that’s great! Thanks!

Here’s an odd riff on the idea.

When a channel has a midi assignment to a dictionary, then any cc chooser for that channel has the midi dictionary description automatically populated in parenthesis.

If the dictionary has multiple mappings for a CC number, add extra entries to the list.

CC 105 (FXFoo Volume 0-128)
CC 105 (FXFoo Mute 0)
CC 105 (FXFoo Max Volume 128)

Ideally the midi dictionary becomes a reference tool, not a picker for most use cases.

I think this is a great idea. The MIDI Dictionary is a great added feature, and being able to set your pedals as favorites is very helpful. But this request takes it one step beyond to further streamline, so that if I set the message to the MIDI channel for, e.g., my El Capistan and then open the MIDI dictionary, it automatically goes to the El Capistan dictionary (and if I set the MIDI channel to my HX Stomp, it defaults to that pedal in the MIDI dictionary).

It’s a small thing, but it would save 10 or 15 seconds each time, since otherwise you have to look through the list of pedals (my list is kind of long), find the pedal you want, and then select it. When you’re doing a lot of programming, that extra time can really add up.

The seconds really do add up.

I was working with programming my Walrus ACS1. I was doing CC messages to dial in specific sounds with my telecaster. Whenever I would need to adjust a cc parameter, I would have to keep a reference handy do see which CC number corresponded to which control. I kept wanting to look for a name (Gain, Vol, Treble, etc.) instead of a CC number. It would be awesome if the midi dictionary automatically converted CC numbers to the corresponding text descriptor.

Of course, I’m still very new to the editor. This may be something that is already possible, and I just haven’t found it yet.

I can’t express how much I like this software/hardware combo.

EDIT: I think I just found the section in the Editor Manual that shows how to do this inside the Midi Dictionary section.

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