[feature request] add a "jump to last used preset" message type please!

Hey !
I’m currently having trouble to set my aux switch, and I think the Morningstar controllers are missing a “jump to last used preset” message type. Here is why : I am going to let one on my 3 aux switches always have the same messages, that I would like to be set like this : a toogle type switch, that toggles between (1)sending pc messages to bypass all my pedals and engage a preset of my ml5 that contains my tuner, and (2) get back to the last preset/sound made, just like a “cancel”/“back” switch.

That would be really great to tune on the fly for an example, but I am really missing a “jump to last preset” message type. The “jump to last bank” is great, but is going too “far”. The best would be to just cancel the last actions, or something like that to be able to have my mc8 switches as my different sounds presets, and an aux switch that would just toggle between my tuner and the last used sound.

Also, it would be nice to add an “ignore toggle messages” so that the “jump to last preset” doesn’t go from preset C/toggle 2 to preset C/toggle 1, but go straight to the last preset used (ex. preset B).
And I am sure that this new message type would be awesomely useful in other situations (the looper mode, sound-design purposes, sequencing,…)

Sorry for this crappy english, I’m a non-native :slight_smile:
Thank you for your interest !

Is this a request to retrigger the last triggered actions.

So if you just pressed and released the A button, this would send those messages as of you had pressed and released it?

“Trigger” is a better term to use here than “jump”.

That might be easier said than done…