Favorite Device List

Please add a list of favourite devices in “MIDI Dictionary”. I don’t want to scroll through the entire list of devices when I only need Strymon (for example). I would like to move it to the top of the device list.
And in “Edit Preset” tab when choosing the СС parameter and pressing the “Open MIDI Dictionary” button I want to see my “Favourite” devices.
This would greatly simplify the programming process and save a lot of time.

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Yes, we were working on this. Just pushed some updates to the staging editor.

In the MIDI dictionary tab, select your “favourite” device:

There’ll be an additional option for Favourites where you can deselect which removes the device:

In the MIDI Dictionary under the CC msg section, the favourite devices will appear below the fields:

Just click on the device to quickly populate the Brand and Model dropdowns.

Just FYI, the favourites data only exists within the current URL. So what you have in the staging editor will not appear in the live editor. One last thing to do is to make this data downloadable with the Editor Profile data, which you can save as a backup and then load it into the different URLs.