External Switch To Send Tap Tempo or external BPM clock?

I apologize if this has been discussed, finding things can be tricky because I do not know what to search.

I think the answer is yes; is there a way to send tap tempo from an external tap tempo switch?
Or conversely to send a bpm via something that sets the bpm like a disaster area smart clock

Thank you all!

Hi. I’ll try and answer your question, but if you could be a bit more specific with what Morningstar pedal you have and what other pedals you’re trying to control that would help.

I believe you can connect a tap tempo switch into the expression (AKA omni) port and set it up to control the BPMs. But you can only send MIDI clock BPMs unless you get the new Relay Interface. You can also setup one of the foot switches on your Morningstar pedal to send MIDI clock if you can spare one.

I do something similar to this with just my MC6. I make a bank for every song we play in our setlist and when I load that bank I have my MC6 setup to automatically send a bunch MIDI messages to recall presets on 3-4 of my other pedals. One of the messages it sends out is a MIDI clock of the BPMs for that song/bank. But again, this only works if your other pedals have MIDI unless you get the Relay Interface.

Hopefully this helps answer your question a bit.

I had thought about getting an external tap and connecting it to the mc6 BUT this part that you outlined is what I have somewhat decided to go with.
How are you sending the BPM? I ask because i send a MIDI Clock but I dont know if I need to set it to STOP?
I also may want to swap delays so do I send a new BPM or will the on enter still work (I think not)

Thank you!

ok @countstoneula check this out. (two things0

  1. I am using an on enter bank command to set clock to 96 for this song.
    This does not appear to be working because the timeline does go to the correct preset it does not go to 96 (it stays at 150).

  2. the swap to .8th (toggle pos 1) seems to get the BPM correct (i watched the bpm change on timeline) BUT when it goes back see toggle pos 2 it goes back to 150 like the delay was from the beginning.

@thembones - you might want to look into a three button external switch for your MC6? Plenty threads on here about them. I use mine (EHX Triple) for Bank Change Mode, Toggle Page and Tap Tempo. Great for offloading those functions from the 6 foot switches on the MC, and a pretty small footprint!

For your Timeline preset, is the MIDI clock setting for that preset (PC#0) turned on? If it is off, it will not respond to MIDI Clock.

I have to turn midi clock on for each preset?

For the presets in the Timeline that you want for it to respond to MIDI clock, then yes.

and that has to be done in nixie or can i do it on the pedal? i forget, i can google but thought you may know faster

Im not very familiar with nixie but you can do it on the pedal itself under the preset parameters, there is a MIDICL setting

I’m pretty new to all this, but I have the tiny MXR Tap footswitch plugged in to expression port 1, and use it to send the relevant CC message for tap tempo on ‘toe down’ to each of my TimeLine, Microcosm and Synethesia at once so it works as a tap tempo that way. I just copied these three messages to every bank so that footswitch is dedicated to that one task whichever bank I’m using. I can always retrospectively edit that per bank if I need to.

I don’t know if this is the best method, or just a workaround, but at least it always saves me a button on my MC6 and so far, it seems to work OK!

MIDICL is set to ON for #0
TAP is set to PRESET

Guess what.
For that delay type, the slowest it will go is 150 bpm.
insert hand slapping face.