External Midi clock thru via Omni-ports to Chase Bliss


I have been using external midi clock with success running to all my pedals via 5 pin din midi cables starting with my Boss RC600. I really like using it as the main clock.

I am not having any luck with my Thermae receiving clock from the RC600 via the omni-ports. I can send other messages no problem and sync it with the MC8’s clock.

Can I sync pedals to external clock via Omni-ports?


In theory yes, but the manual notes this caveat… “The Omniports are not designed to send MIDI Clock messages accurately when a large stream of MIDI messages are being sent (for example, CC messages using the expression pedal). For the best possible use of MIDI clock, connect your MIDI clock capable devices to the DIN5 MIDI OUT port.”

Maybe that applies? Though from your write up I’m not 100% sure if the Thermae is supposed to be getting it’s clock from the Boss or the MC?

Might be worth listing your current connections, including cable types etc. I think as a crude summary: if you can do it with 5 pin din, you probably should, especially if the MC will be kicking out lots of CCs like expression, waveform generator etc

I would like the Thermae to get its clock from the Boss not the MC. All pedals except the Thermae are getting their midi from 5 pin din. The Thermae only accepts midi from trs unless I add a midi box than I could patch it in the chain with the 5 pin din.

I’d like to use the MC’s omni port to connect the Thermae and not add a midi box and still have the Thermae receive clock from the Boss. Any possibilty?

Maybe I am just wishful thinking but am hoping that this could be accomplished.

Could perhaps the MIDI clock setting on the Thermae be turned off?
CC#51 controls the MIDI clock setting on the Thermae.


Thanks James! The Thermae responds to midi clock from the MC. What I am trying to accomplish is to have the Thermae follow clock sent from the Boss RC600. Thermae is the only pedal running from the omni port. All other pedals are in the 5 pin din chain. The pedals in the 5 pin din chain all receive clock from the Boss.

Can they all be synced with the Boss clock or do I need to connect the Thermae to a midi box and have in the chain 5 pin midi chain in order to accomplish this task.

Note I do not currently have a midi box to experiment with…


Ah sorry, I misread the initial issue.

So the issue is that the MC8 isn’t passing incoming MIDI Clock thru to the Omniports? I just checked the code and it should, as long as MIDI Thru is turned on. Can you let me know what MC8 firmware version you are using?

The issue with sending clock via the omniports is that the clock messages are time sensitive. If you send a stream of CC messages through to the omniports, like using an expression pedal to sweep through a range of CC values quickly, the midi clock timing will get affected in the omniports, so there will be some jitter. No such issues with the DIN5 MIDI OUT port

Correct the MC8 isn’t passing incoming MIDI clock thru to the omniports. It’s the most recent firmware V 3.10.2.

Midi thru is turned on now and there is still no clock passing to the omniport from the Boss.

There are no other messages being sent to the Thermae that would interfere.

Any other ideas?

Thank you