Extend %E & %F format used to display Scroll counter values

I suggest two proposals :

  1. I just tried this :

but unfortunately no success.
Could we benefit of the counter display formats in the bank display name also ?

  1. I also would appreciate another format tag which would display letters rather than numbers
    A for zero, B for 1, etc.
    Because many instruments use letters for the names of their banks, not numbers.
    Usually it is less than 10 banks.

The current formats also include space and assume the counter is 3 characters (which comes out of the label size limits).

Would be nice to have formats that:

  • Let the user choose the # of rightmost (or leftmost) characters to be displayed (e.g., 1, not " 1" or 21)
  • Don’t directly count %E0 as three characters in the label length. This has all sorts of challenges and might be a bit hard to do well. Not sure this is possible as I think the label string limit is hardcoded in the data format.

Yes I already reported this, the trailing space is very frustrating when you want to add a char after the counter value : this char appears floating between the Mcxx labels…

One last point : there is no reentrancy in the detection so you can’t format a label with bank counter value and preset counter value something as %F2:%F3 , everything stops when the first %E or %F is encountered.

It would be so useful to be able to use the counter display formats in the bank display name.
Each time I jump to a bank dedicated to an hardware using itself banks and presets it could display the actual bank.
And as we can use the same format for shortnames of Presets which increase /decrease/reset, we could see exactly what is the current bank counter value and current preset counter value.
The efforts seems less important than making the presets Shortname formating internal function re-entrant to be able to display %Fx:%Fy to show bank:preset, taking also account in the small space in Presets Shortname.