Expression via preset only and editing bank jumps

So I’m still slowly going through and programming my MC6 and There are a few things I still fell like should be/are possible that I haven’t quite figured out. I’ll start with the simple one:

How do I edit a preset (on the unit, not in the editor) if it’s programmed with a bank jump? say I press preset A in bank 1 and it jumps banks to bank 2. When I enter edit mode I am now editing preset A in bank 2. How do I edit A/1 if it automatically is jumping to bank 2? Or do I just have to plug in and use the editor?

My second question is about expression control. So expression seems to be set up for covering entire banks right? I’m looking for expression control for presets only. For instance if I have a preset with my Ottobit Jr. and I want to use expression for the filter control, ONLY if that preset is engaged, but ALSO continue using the expression/filter if I change banks or turn on other presets that have their own expression settings. Is this an option? If so how would you go about programming that?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

You can enter editor mode manually on the device by pressing switch C+D. While in editor mode, the bank jump function will be disabled, so you can edit as per usual on the device.

For your second question, it sounds like a complication use case but you could possibly achieve that by using the “Select Exp Messages” message type. So if you have Preset A sending the PC message + a Select Expression Message to sending that Filter control CC messages for your expression, but when you select another Preset and want to disengage that Filter control CC message, you’ll program another Select Exp Message to deselect that Exp CC message.

Not entirely sure if it will suit your use case but its something like this: