Expression Presets for all banks [RESOLVED]

I want to use my expression pedal (Lehle) to let me have a “volume pedal” by using the expression values translated into midi for my OscillaterDevices “Siren”.

Everything works great for now, but I want to have this functionality for every bank by standard.

So I am looking for a possibility to set this up, without copying the expression preset for 127 times to every bank.

The “triple paste” thing does not work on this.

As I tried a lot for the last couple of hours I find no other solution than doing a 127 times copy job for the expression preset and then after that a 128 time setting up an “On enter bank” Preset choosing the right expression message.
Honestly that does not feel very “morningstar-like”, so I wonder what am I missing??

Thanks an blessings

Ok, I knew it must be my mistake… :slight_smile:

I tried the “copy + triple paste” on the message not on the preset. Now I did it on the preset and “triple Paste” did it fine.

So problem solved.