Expression port issues (video)

GuitarWolf’s reply below set me straight on a few points, but this video still highlights a few paint points in the workflow. Mostly, I want a way for the value from an EXP pedal to be sent instantly when a preset is engaged, to avoid value jumps when the EXP pedal moves for the first time.

I’m encountering a few different bugs that are making it difficult for me to use the expression ports. I thought a demonstration would be much easier than typing out an explanation, so please take a moment to take a look at this unlisted video:

After shooting this I came across another couple of issues and made a follow up:

EDIT: I was able to get the workaround to function (for some reason) after I deleted MSG 10. MSG 10 was set to send PC 0 on a channel that none of my devices use - in theory it should have done nothing. I can’t think of any reason why it would interfere with the Midi CC from the EXP pedal, but for whatever reason, that did the trick. (You can see MSG 10 at various points in video 2).

Apologies for the obtuse format, but it’s just much easier to show exactly what’s happening on my screen and with my foot pedal. If anyone knows of a workaround or sees me doing something wrong, by all means please let me know.

If you want to change the expression value for the Gravitas while on another preset you’ll have to include the expression msg for the gravitas in your clean preset. I think that’ll solve it.
I believe that ‘use value from expression’ does not work in realtime. What it does is reading the position of the expression pedal and saving the corresponding cc value to the preset.

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Aaaaah I see. Thank you GuitarWolf. Took me a couple of re-reads but I now understand what you mean.

I suppose the “Send CC on Engage” option in the “Expr” menu would probably do the trick as well.

I still kinda think the “Use Value From Expression” thing difficult to understand but there are enough workarounds for this that I’m going to try to delete this topic to avoid clogging the forums and wasting the devs’ time.

Follow-up, “Send CC on Engage” can only send a static value, it can’t read the pedal position. Which means the only work around is to have all my presets in a given bank reading the EXP pedal position and transmitting it to the pedal in question at all times, to avoid value jumps when the preset is engaged. I’m not too sure I like that workaround, so I hope we can get some kind of option to read the EXP pedal position initially upon selecting a preset.