Expression pedals configuration on a preset basis

I must say that currently the way in which the expression pedals can be setup is very limited.
The only way to configure what Exp pedal will do is for an entire bank, a bank can contain up to 22 different presets and there is no way to change the Exp pedal operation depending on the selected preset.
If for example in preset A I want the pedal to control CC#1 and in preset B the speed of the waveforms engine I can’t do so.

Maybe you should allow another setup of the Exp pedals inside each preset, a setup that will take over the setup of the bank.

Another option I thought of to solve this is to add something similar to the toggle interface to the pedal settings and then it will be possible to use actions with “Set Toggle” or “Set Exp Pedal Operation” to change different modes of the expression pedal in each preset.

Hi. Maybe missing something, but can’t you set up your (up to) 16 expression messages in the exp “preset” and then engage / disengage them per preset using “select expression message”?

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Yes I missed that, thank you very much.

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We made a video about the ‘Select Expression Message’ feature too if you require more guidance:

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Concerning this I am still expecting a global conf rather than dedicated by bank for the 4 presets of my MC8. I use same config in each bank and the actual structure is a total mess of memory…

You can copy your expression preset and triple click on ‘Paste’ on the editor to paste it to all banks. This effectively makes it global.

Ha Ha, I know and read my answer: it is just like running a coal factory to save the planet… :grinning:

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