Expression pedals compatible with Morningstar?

Lehle Dual Expression just arrived and I finally made it work as precise as it should. I used a 10KOhm input, it worked but with 1-2% at minimum and 96-97% at maximum. I had to calibrate it in the MC6 menu, and it still had not the full working range from 0% to 98-99%. But I played with it a little and probably some parts “broke in” to each other and now the range is 0-100% as expected. This is a very precise pedal, you can actually do 1% steps if you want. Very useful.

If you want a rock-solid pedal in a metal wah-style housing, the Mission Engineering EP-1 works perfectly out of the box. 0-100% and no calibration necessary.

What EP-1 model? Mission Engineering EP-1-BK?

This one:

Just FYI, I updated your original post with the compiled list of compatible pedals based on all the feedback.

Thanks everyone!

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Just another one, solid & quite cheap
Behringer FC600 v2 (Boss FV-500-H clone)

Hi jmay214,
what type of cable do you use for toe switch?
In the SP-25M-PRO Aero’ manual says:
“This can be connected with a 1/4″ TS cable to a compatible device that supports an external momentary TS switch such as a MIDI controller or multi-effect unit”
If I am not mistaken,MC8 works only with TRS.

I use these TRS cables for all 3 jacks. Including the toe switch. They’re very flat and easy to arrange around on the board. EBS PCF-DLS28 Flat Patch Cable - Right Angle TRS Male to Right Angle TRS Male - 11.02 inch | Sweetwater

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Thank you so much. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone know about the Mission Engineering pedal built for Line 6. EP1-L6? Is that a no go?

Hey everyone,

I tried one of these and it didn’t work. Vexpress – Sonicake It actually froze up my MC6 until I unplugged the expression pedal. After that the MC6 worked just fine without the expression pedal plugged into it. I went to global settings, set omni port 1 to Expression and plugged it back in, and sure enough the pedal froze up until I unplugged the expression pedal. Can you guys think of any reason why this would cause so many problems?


Are you using a TRS or TS cable to connect? I can only think of one reason why it would freeze up, is if the omniport setting is set to Aux Switch and a TS cable is used. Did you restart the MC6 after changing the omniport settings?

When the MC6 freezes up, does it display any “Expression: xx%” indicator on the screen? or is it stuck on the screen with the 6 preset labels?

That was my mistake, I configured port 1 for expression and plugged into port 2. And port 2 was configured for Aux switch. I am using a TRS cable but now, once it’s set up correctly, it seems to be doing fine. Thanks a lot!

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I use the Mission Aero already mentioned in this thread and the Source Audio Reflex with no issues to bothMC6 & MC8

As I remember the Line 6 expression pedal only works on TS whereas pretty much every other device uses TRS. So it’s not going to work and possibly shorts out the connection but James will have a better idea

Hi, I have a Dunlop DVP Volume X mini and… it doesn’t work properly ! I can’t calibrate it correctly ! It goes from 0% to 80% and then on toes 0% ???

Does anyone got an idea about what to do ?
Thanks for your help.

I believe there is an internal switch you need to change in the Dunlop.

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Thanks for your help ! Switches were right but it was my cable… I used a TS ! :woozy_face:


Just a data point:
AMT EX50 10k works perfectly.

Not as smooth as a larger pedal, but it sure is tiny!

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Does anyone know if a Source Audio Hot Hand 3 is a compatible expression pedal?

Hi jmay214. Just to be sure…

I also have an ME Aero Pro that I just bought. I saw that one can add a momentary aux switch at the toe, which can be bought from them. I like the idea that it can be used with an HX Stomp, as I have one of those too.

Now, which output do you use on the Aero to output that switch? 1 or 2 or 3? And you mention using a TRS even for that, so I guess only the TS part of the cable is used if it works with the Stomp, since the Stomp only works with that.

Also, do you have to set something in particular in the Morningstar for that switch to work, or it just works independently of it?