Expression Pedal w/GT1000Core

I’m using the MC6II to control both an ML5 and Boss GT1000 Core modeler pedal. MIDI path is MC6II>ML5>GT1000Core.

I’d like to use a Dunlop DVM4 expression pedal as a wah wah, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how. The DVM4 is plugged into Exp 1 on the MC6II.

And help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi. Did you have any luck with this? I’m trying to do much the same with an EV-30 Expression pedal.


My frustration grew to the point I decided to sell the GT-1000Core, the MC6 and the ML5.

I replaced everything with the Boss IR-200 as my “amp” that I connect my pedalboard to using the 4Cable Method. So far I like it. I use a Dunlop DVM4 expression pedal as a master volume and it works just fine.

That’s a shame, but good to hear you’ve found an alternative.

I’ve managed to configure the MC6 and the GT1000 Core as far as I can. The expression pedal now does work, transmitting MIDI cc messages - but the speed of travel when I instigate the Wah function on the Core is much too slow for it to be usable (if I move the pedal too quickly, it becomes erratic). It’s almost as if Boss would rather you didn’t try to use the pedal in that way…who knows? I’ve now disconnected it from the MC6 and plugged it straight into the EXP 2 input of the Core. It works fine, as you would expect.


I actually found this post due to currently battling the same problem w/ Fractal. Controlling volume via EXP CC seems to work fine, but that may be because it’s hard to hear the steps at low volumes. Trying to control a wah or whammy via EXP CC messages, however, results in massive jumps vs a smooth taper on the Fractal. It’ll really be a shame to have to switch my expression pedal over to directly plugged in, as I have a bunch of use cases where running it through the MC6 would be much more powerful.
FWIW, I’m running a Dunlop Volume(x) mini DVP4, and have the omniport’s Expression Sensitivity set to high.