Expression Pedal usage Meris Polymoon

The MC6 Mkii is a great MIDI tool for pedalboards.

The main reason I purchased the MC6 Mkii was to be able to use my Expression Pedal to control various pedals and their parameters.
In particular, the Strymon BigSky, Timeline and Sunset pedals and the Meris Polymoon pedal.
I am very confused about how to use it - as I cannot seem to make it work.
Your user manual is very unclear about the Global Settings of the MC6 Mkii - especially ‘midi thru’ and ‘crossover’ to TRS/USB inputs etc.
It would be wise to give some more detailed examples of what these settings do.
*Where the Meris Polymoon Pedal is concerned - all the 1-16 presets on the pedal rely on TWO settings - Heel Down and Toe Down - for use with an expression pedal.
Using the current “EXPR1” preset for each bank, gives 16 MIDI messages - the Polymoon would require 32 MESSAGES (16 x heel & toe) + a normal CC sweep range from a single value to give 48 messages per list!!
The Polymoon has 16 presets - each with TWO settings - Heel and Toe, and would also use the normal (sweep) expression usage over a range of values for a single CC message.
It seems very awkward to tie down the ‘Expression Pedal list’ to one expression preset list per MC6 bank. I’m not sure how this works in practice.
Does this mean I have to have a dedicated switch on each bank that I have to press during performance, just to use the Expression Pedal?
I would like to see a GLOBAL list of Expression Pedal list objects (plural),
These expression preset lists should be able to be called on by ANY BANK - and ANY SWITCH.
Much like how you have implemented the Scroll Counters.
Also each expression CC in the ‘list’ should have 3 message types - normal (sweep), heel and toe, to be able to be used with pedals like the Polymoon.
Is this possible to implement on your midi controllers?
It would make them ultra awesome!!

If I’m understanding correctly, you just want to use your expression pedal to control the Polymoon?

The first entry in the MIDI table of the Polymoon manual is Expression Pedal, CC #4, 0-127. Have you tried just making the MC6 send Expression CC #4, 0-127 to the Polymoon?

Also, if using TRS, make sure you’re using the correct TRS settings for Meris pedals in the Controller Settings section. I’m sure a simple google search will provide the info you seek.

Also also, if you want to change which expression message is being used (e.g. whichever pedal is controlling the expression pedal), you can add “Select Exp Message” to any preset (e.g. whichever switch you want to use to tell the controller what the expression pedal does).

Hope this helps.

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Hello Joshua - here is my reply to James Toh.

Thanks for your swift response.
(I suspect I have a corrupted MC6 memory problem - will investigate further and let you know)
I am using the latest versions of MC6 v3.8.2 & v1.14 for the editor.

I don’t have a communications problem with the Polymoon.
I want my Expression pedal to change visualise on four Pedals -BigSky,TimeLine,Sunset & Polymoon.

And I already did what James suggested - and copied the XPRESS 1 preset to each bank to try and use it as a ‘global’ setting.

*Can I just clear up one thing - is the XPRESS 1 preset exclusive to each MC6 bank?

I have created a ‘Config’ type bank (bank 6 in this case) to create switch presets on MC6,that hold some CC’s with values for certain pedals, so I can use “Engage Preset” on other banks to retrieve them.
I use the XPRESS1 preset on Bank 6, as my “Master” expression preset.
(then I copied to all banks) - and I also some local settings for “Lead”, “Chorus”,”Dry”,”Wet” etc.

If I then go to say bank 3 - and alter some settings in that EXPRESS1 Preset.
When I try to configure a switch on bank 3, to use the “Select Expression” message,
Which I think is exclusive to that bank,
the same settings show up as that just entered on the “Master List” in bank6.
Is this expected behaviour?

Bob Watson