Expression pedal to control Ableton main Volume


I’m a new MC6 Pro user. I’ve watched over 10 tutorial videos, and have dug through every resource I could find with the online tutorial, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do the following:

How do you setup an expression pedal to control Ableton’s main volume??

I’ve already connected an expression pedal to my MC6 Pro, and it’s heal/toe is calibrated. The values are displayed on the interface.

I know I should be setting it to a CC change, but each online video seems like an older version of the editor.

I already have other buttons successfully triggering scenes, etc in Ableton, so Midi is working fine.

Please help!

Hi. You first need to program your exp pedal to send expression CC messages with range 0-127 and then map it to your volume fader. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure the Omniport you have your exp pedal connected to is configured to accept ‘Expression’
  2. Calibrate your exp pedal (which you have already done)
  3. Program your exp pedal to send expression CC as shown in the screenshot here (we’ve used CC#1 but you can use any unused CC number):

  1. Put Ableton into learn mode and map your exp pedal to your volume fader as shown in this portion of this video:

Thank you! I didn’t realize that the Expression 1-4 bank was only viewable once scrolling down on the far right hand column. Cheers!