Expression pedal problem

Hello ! I have some troubleshoot with my MC8 an my expression Pedal (Boss Ev-30).

I’ve plugged my EV-30 into the MC8 (set the Omniport as expression) to control each of my Empress Echosystem and Reverb. Works perfectly fine except sometime (randomly),
when i use my EV-30 to control a CC parameter on my Reverb , it change preset on my Echosystem, like if it was sending a random PC message to it.
Sometime when i control both Pedal CC’s, it do the same only on Echosystem.
It’s pretty random how it happen but it only affect the echosystem.

I’ve been trying a lot of different combination of Expression message but i can’t isolated the problem…

Does anyone have an idea ?
thanks you

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As you move your expression pedal, do you see any PC messages show up on the MIDI Monitor? THe MIDI Monitor is available on one of the tabs in the editor. This will allow you identify if the issue lies with the sending or receiving device.

I have the same issue with the Boss RC 500,. When I use the expression pedal, it cause a program change (changing to a random preset on the RC 500). I checked the midi monitor, and nothing unusual is showing up, just the CC message. I tried the expression pedal directly into the RC 500 and the issue disappeared. I know it’s been a while, but did you find a fix?