Expression pedal not recognized on midi editor

I’m trying to set up an expression pedal on my MC6.
I managed to calibrate the pedal but when I use the midi editor it is impossible to configure it.
I followed the instructions of your video but after connecting the MC6 on the midi editor, when I move the expression pedal it is not recognized by the editor.
What should I do?

In the Editor, go to the editor settings tab and then select the “load data using switch presses” switch. Either that, or select the expression preset by clicking on the preset label on the top right of the editor

I’m having the same issue after upgrading my mc3 and using Editor v1.1.5. The expression pedal indicator that used to appear when the peddle is pressed isn’t there anymore, and I don’t see an editor settings tab. What’s going on. It used to work before I upgraded my firmware and editor.

Found the settings tab on the editor.