Expression Pedal jumps from 0 to 85%

hi team. hopefully someone can help. i checked the forum and didn’t find any similar topics, so excuse me if this is already answered and i missed it.

Basically I have a Moog EP3 expression pedal plugged into my MC6ii via TRS. it works fine however, pretty much as soon as I move the pedal from heel position, it jumps from 0% to 85% and then the rest of the sweep to toe down is 85% - 100%. I’ve calibrated it in the mc6 and tried all 3 levels of sensitivity … always the same result. same happens in reverse. tow down 100% back down to 85% is the majority of the sweep then all of a sudden it’s on 0%.

What have I missed? Thanks!

Hello ! Did you calibrate your Exp ?
Morningstar did a great video about it ! Using an Expression Pedal together with MIDI - Morningstar MIDI Controller

My Boss EV30 had this kind of problem (heel was glitchin between 2% and 5%.
Calibration resolve my problem :slight_smile:
Be sure to use only a TRS Cable between your MC6 and Moog EP3 !

hey thanks for the reply. yeah Id calibrated it earlier and made no difference.

UPDATE >>> SOLVED !!! There is a switch under the expression pedal for “standard” and “other”… it was set to “other”. changing it to “standard” fixed the problem! This switch changes the polarity of the expression signal…

Glad you found the solution :slight_smile: !
Problem Solved

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