Expression pedal issues

this is very strange. i have a MC8 with expression pedal plugged into omni port 4. and i use it to role in the sample rate of the merit otto bit. but it only seems to work on bank 8 and no others. On all banks and presets you can see expression value increase and decrease on MC8 display but no sample rate change on any other bank than bank 8

The expression preset settings are on a bank level basis, so if you change bank, it loads a new preset with different settings.

If you want the same settings to be applied to all banks, you can copy and paste it to all banks.
In the editor, just click on copy and then triple click on paste to paste to all banks

Just my 10 cents on this.
I see the MCxx functionnalities raise through months, and you bring many very usefull features, thanks to your creativity, but this necessity to copy for each bank the expression settings is a kind of pain when you always need the same settings. Having a global controller storage in complement would avoid many errors and an MCxx hell of clicks.

Yeah, that’s a valid request and in our todo list - not having to copy and paste to all banks and instead just have a setting to load only Bank 1 Exp or something.

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I’d go another step James and have a copy to… tick box select. function.