Expression Pedal Glitch at the Root of intermittent buttons and more

I have a MC8 that I’ve been using for loosely over a year now on tour and I really love it. I’ve had some really strange problems throughout my use including like random clock drift and some other small things. Recently, I’ve had a issue where my buttons would stop working randomly. Meaning, that I would try and engage a preset by stepping on a footswitch and it sometimes just wouldn’t trigger the preset or have any reponse.
I noticed that on my LCD display that the expression % display would sometime between flickering in between like 1% of the range the expression pedal was put in… Meaning, that if I had the expression set to 60% sometimes the LCD display between like 60% and 61% or something similar. Another MC8 user just told me that it is not possible to engage a preset will sending a Midi expression command. I unplugged my TRS cable from the MC8 and it now seems to operating perfectly… Which is awesome, but also kind of nuts.
Could this little “glitch” have been the cause of some many random problems? I hope there is a update oneday so that this problem wont happen. Sometimes I believe that stage vibrations also trigger wahs and expression to move slightly. IDK. If you’re having strange problems maybe check your expression pedal setup. just a FYI.

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