Expression pedal from MC8 controlling Timeline engages Loop in ML5

Odd quirk here…
When initially powering up the MC8 and I move an expression pedal, before engaging the timeline delay to be on, it causes the ML5 Loop “D” to blink and fire off and on rapidly as I move the expression pedal. Once I engage the timeline, which is where the expression is sending, then it is fine…but until I engage the delay via the MC8 it allows the expression pedal to trigger loop D and only loop D, every time. So when powering up, I simply engage the delay and then turn it off, but is this a faulty looper or something that others have seen ? Thanks,

What is the expression pedal programmed to send? Sounds like it is sending a CC#9 or CC#28 message to the ML5 MIDI channel, which is toggling loop D on and off.


Yup - I found it - It is sending a CC#9 as it should be, but it had been duplicated and had the wrong Midi channel that was sending that signal to the ML5, as well as the Timeline on another midi channel. Simple fix and my mistake. Thank you very much. All good! Your responses to mine and others are always great, we appreciate it!

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