Expression pedal drastically drops midi clock BPM (all inputs)

Im currently running MC8 into Morningstar midi box.

If I use any of the ports on the MC8 with an expression, the BPM of the midi clock on all pedals connected to MC8 quickly drops before returning to prior BPM after i stop sweeping the pedal.

Even after turning off midi clock persist and ensuring the tap tempo doesn’t work on MC8, it still causes the BPM to drop on all pedals.

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this? It seems I can’t use midi clock and any cc messages together which kind of defeats the purpose of the MC8.

I’ve created new preset from scratch with only one expression pedal and one CC message and it still drops the BPM while sweeping the expression pedal.

I’ve disabled ‘load preset data into editor’. i’ve tried disconnecting usb. I’ve tried running midi out 5 pin straight into one pedal with 5 pin. the BPM still drastically drops if I touch the expression pedal

It should be related to this thread: Midi Clock Drift - #17 by james
There is a firmware in the link to the thread I posted - can you give it a go and let me know if the issue still persists?

Thank you James, this did the trick and its working magnificently now!! thank you again!

I think there was also an issue with my Meris and Chase Bliss jumpers not being set up properly in the midibox and those two issues combined cause all kinds of craziness.

I have the 2023 midibox. Can you please send pics of the jumpers for Tip Active and Ring Active?

The descriptions and pics for the earlier midibox jumpers makes sense but I"m having a hard time making sense of the newer jumper configurations.

Thank you again!

EDIT: i was able to figure out the jumpers through trial and error so no need to confirm. pictures in the manual might be a good idea in the future.

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll update the manual with photos soon.