Expression Pedal BUg - MC8

Since the latest firmware upgrade having issues with Expression Pedal interfering with midi clock

Setup is Rc300> Selah Effects Quartz timer > sending clock> Mc8
Omni 1 = expression pedal (controls parameter Hx stomp)
omni 2 = midi to HX stomp

previously working but
what is happening now is

When moving the expression pedal the midi clock to hx stomp gets interrupted / loses sync…

Sometimes it will come back moving the expression pedal between heel down / toe down… and sometimes it doesn’t…

only happening since the latest update previously was solid…

thanks for reporting this - let me check this out when in office tomorrow

I’ve looked extensively into this today - I can confirm it is a bug but I do not have a solution for this yet. It seems like streaming a large number of MIDI messages (like cc messages via expression) along with clock messages through the same omniport affects the clock timing that is sent via the omniport.

There are some alternatives though -

  1. Connecting the device via the DIN5 MIDI OUT Port will not exhibit this behaviour
  2. Blocking the exp CC messages using the MIDI Mask (under the utility message type) from sending to that omniport will keep the MIDI clock stable.

Thanks James
yeah I wondered if it was omni specific I was also curious if it was happening in the non keyboard fw version but hadn’t checked that out
…prior to this L I was running non kb previous fw with No issue …

The issue (for me) outside the midi thing is having to undo custom wiring to get required midi length to the din port and Vice Versa

I’ll figure hopefully
You may have another solution sometime soon too

Insta = @ whitesounddesign

Can you let me know what was the previous firmware version you were running where it was working? Ill give that a go and see if works there. If so then I can better pinpoint what might be the issue

Hey James cant be sure exactly but looking in my downloads/ time mchine it will be one of th no keybaord versions of either v3_8_5A or v3_8_6A or v3_8_7A

Thanks for the info - I’ll test those firmwares tomorrow.