Expression pedal, Boss RC 600

anybody out there in computer land have any success controlling “current track lvl” with the MC6 and an expression pedal? Seems like it should be a very simple on program but, I can’t get it working. Pressing down on the pedal simply mutes the current track.


Hey Daniel - did you ever get this resolved? I have this working on my RC600/MC8 combo, let me know if you still looking for help.

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Hi @Brad63 i would be grateful if you got this working? I know you can select via a cc message to change to a specific memory, is there any way to get this to just toggle up and down via the Morningstar? I was thinking maybe having the page change on the Morningstar every times so it could do a different message but it’s a lot of programming!

Add note - I thought this was for memory changes, not lvl changes!! My bad!