Expression Message and MIDI Control Enhancements


Now that we have the MC Pro series and more and more people are using multiple MC units together, I think there are some new features worth considering:

  1. Allow expression messages to be set by external MIDI. For example:

    From my MC6 Pro I want to select expression messages 2, 4, and 5 for the currently active bank on the MC8.

  2. Allow expression messages to be toggled (both on device and by external MIDI). For example:

    On my MC8, I have an EXP MENU preset that loads up a bank on the MC6 Pro. Each preset in that bank currently selects an expression message (through some hacky programming necessary due to item #1 above). Instead of just selecting the active expression message/s, I want to be able to toggle an expression message. This way I can tap “Volume”, “Mod A”, and “Mod B” and have them all being controlled by my expression pedal on the currently active MC8 bank. Then when I tap “Volume”, I still have “Mod A” and “Mod B” being controlled by the expression pedal instead of having to build individual presets for every expression message combination.

  3. Allow external MIDI to engage a specific message in a preset (no action type required, just the message number).

External Expression Message Menu Example

#3 solves #1.

You send a midi message to trigger a (off screen) preset with the desired on device actions (of available).
I thought there was a way to do this already. Sysex? One of the global midi translations?

There’s a long tail of actions you might want to trigger by incoming midi, so handling those directly by midi in might be too much.

As far as I can tell from all available product documentation, there is no way to select expression messages via MIDI. You can activate an expression pedal, you can activate off screen presets with the desired device actions… but you cannot select an expression message (unless you first map that to a preset action).

Yes, that was my point.

Why can’t you setup (off screen) presets that do exactly what you want and trigger them remotely?

I can. But it would be better if I didn’t have to. Hence this proposal.