Expression/ Footswitch Priority Bug

Hello everybody.
Recently I have noticed that my mc3 will prioritize sending the expression messages. There seems to be a slight delay after using the expression pedal before any stomp switch messages are transmitted. I often need to use the expression pedal while stomping. For example I have the expression CC mapped to preset Volume. I then often leave my foot on the expression pedal even if I am not moving it. There still often is a little bit of micro-movement in my foot even when holding still, stopping any other messages. Is this behaviour intended? It seems to me Expression message transmission is somehow prioritized over other messages. Is it maybe possible for a certain preset to change priority in favour of the button presses or to even have no delay at all? I woud guess this ist because expression data is a continuous data stream and there is no room inbetween for other messages. too bad, this severely limits some programming and live switching ideas for me.
best regards, great product otherwise

There shldn’t be any issues with this. what firmware version are you running? I think we optimised this in v3.8 or v3.9.