Expression & Display Question and Potential Bug (or i have overlooked something)

Hey All,
a couple of questions please re: MC6PRO…

  1. related to the expression pedal display… am I missing something or is there no way to keep the display 3 showing the position of the expression pedal? ie it fades away when it’s not being used… I am coming from an MC8 where the expression position remains in the display…

  2. Potential Bug? doesn’t affect operation…
    The scenario is: I have a button programmed for a toggle (msg 1 and 2 - release FS fcn - CC commands) that works fine and the short/toggle name shows/changes all good…
    On the same button have a Double Tap - Engage Preset - on different bank(msg 3&4), to toggle a different preset command however the display on each double tap also toggles the display of the Short name/ toggle name (even though it doesn’t toggle the toggle msg 1 & 2 commands (and it shouldn’t)
    is this as it should be?, a bug ? or again have i overlooked something?
    Ideally id like the toggle name/ display to show the current postion of msg 1/2 as oppossed to changing with the double taps (even though its not triggering the messages1/2)

Many thanks

Hi! I can never find this in the manuals and/or forum to link to, but what you’re seeing is normal… it’s because (I think!) with Toggle Mode for the preset On, ANY actions toggle the preset. To work around this, turn toggle mode off and add toggle messages instead

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Ah… @GuitarWolf has it here… MC8 Toggle name issue - #4 by GuitarWolf

Follow @GuitarWolf’s instructions in that post, not mine!

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Thanks muchly! hmmm might have to rethink the way I’ve got stuff laid out .

If the toggle mode is turned on for the preset, the preset will toggle no matter what action is used, as long as it has been engaged.

If you want to toggle it only with a specific action, you’ll just need to:

  1. Turn off preset toggle mode
  2. Add a “Toggle Preset” message type mapped with the specific action you want to toggle it with

Yes, currently the exp % display goes away when the expression pedal stops. We’ll (try to) fix this in the next update, if not the update after.