Expanded Fractal Integration


I am a MC6 and Fractal FM3 user. The integration that Morningstar has done with the FM units is incredible. I’ve found the current implementation a little hard to use, though. Before I discovered the fractal integration, I just used the MC6 to control scenes. I use the MC to access scenes 2-7, and external switches for scenes 1 and 8.

My main qualm with the fractal integration for scenes is that using the scene integration takes you to a new page. Your only options for scenes on this screen are scenes 1-5, and one button is taken up with an “Exit” function. In my ideal world, instead of have a scenes page for fractal integration, we could just assign a foot switch press function to control a scene, and the two way communication would allow you to know if that scene is still active. This workflow could look like:

Action=Press, Type=Fractal Audio Integration, Fractal Model=FM3, Integration Type=Scene Control, Scene Number=2, Override preset name with scene name = TRUE.

I don’t know if this is possible, but it would be an improvement in my book if it is.

Also, I understand Fractals MIDI support is quite limited, but if it were possible for the MC controllers to function as “Stand in Switches”, that would be game changing.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll see how we can continually improve on this feature.

We’re currently testing an enhancement here: Enhanced Fractal Integration mode + bug fixes

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That sounds like a huge improvement! I will give it a go after this weekend. I’m not brave enough to try beta software during a live performance :joy:.