EXP MIDI thru MC6 to MC8


I’m using a MC6 to control a MC8. The MC6 has an EXP pedal connected to Omniport 1, which works great. In some presets I would love to engage the EXP pedal from the MC8.

So, is it possible to send the EXP MIDI from the MC6 to the MC8?


Yes it’s possible. CC#51 to CC#54 engages Exp Presets 1-4 on the MC8. More info here: https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/929989199/MC8+User+Manual+firmware+v3.9#MIDI-Implementation-Charts

Ok, so I can engage the EXP Preset 1-4 on the MC8, but the EXP pedal is not connected to the MC8, it’s connected to the MC6…

Yes, then you can just program the MC6 to send CC#51 to engage Exp Preset 1 on the MC8 while sweeping the Exp pedal on the MC6.

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Everytime I think… now I found sth the MCs can’t do yet… I love you guys!!! I’ll try that right now!

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