Exp data not passed while Long Press held?

I’m trying to set up a preset where, when I long press a switch, the MC6 switches the Exp message (and i then do expressiony stuff) until I release the button.

The Exp message switching is happening correctly, i believe, but no Exp data is passed (anywhere ~ not to the old Exp message, nor to the new one) while I’m holding down the switch. This doesn’t really make sense to me. Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere, that’s blocking Exp data while I’m holding a switch?

Uploaded a screenshot of the preset, in case it’s useful. (Msg 1 & 2 do other things, but it’s the long press stuff i’m interested in.)


Edit: James from Morningstar responded (quickly!) to my email to say this functionality doesn’t exist, but it’s on the backlog of enhancements for a future update. Here’s hoping!

Thanks for bringing this up.

Have replied your email but will reply here as well.

The expression pedals are not read while the switch is held down. We might have a solution for this and will explore in the next update.