Eventide not responding to tap tempo

I have a MC3, with Aux Switch set to presets D, E, F
E is set to midi clock tap tempo in every bank

For some reason, The eventide Delay is not responding to tap tempo, but I have it set to receive midi clock msgs.

Can you verify that MIDI clock messages are being generated? Are any of your other pedals responding to the MIDI clock?

I’m going to poke at this today so I will let you

i don’t know what I did different, but it is working now. Weird

did I see in the video that there is a simple way to move presets around (i see how to save them to a file)? I’m looking for something like the way all the banks can be configured, but for presets.

Yes, you can go to Bank Settings >> Re-arrange Presets

right, but you can only see the presets in that bank. It’d be cool if there was a list of all presets (like the list of all banks) in the Editor software.

You mean you want to re-arrange presets from different banks?

Currently not possible - might explore in the future - the only way would be to copy and paste/swap the presets

Yeah I basically have presets for songs. I’m a worship pastor at my church and we have like 100+ songs in our repertoire so I make a preset for a song and the method I’m currently using is that all those presets are saved by song title as .Json files and then I have a few empty banks that I load those presets into and swap them around every week. But it’d be cool if there was a drag and drop feature in the editor software