Eventide H9 unwanted "Press" action

I am using the MC8 with an Eventide H9, among other devices. I have tried to set it up so that a press of one of the buttons increments the H9 presets (i.e moving from Preset 1 to 2, then 2 to 3, etc.); and another button decrements (3 to 2, then 2 to 1).

I also want to set it up so that a long press on one toggles the H9 on/off; and long press on the other jumps to the MC8 bank that has a menu of H9 settings.

This issue I have is that the “Press” command from the MC8 seems to send 2 commands - first at press, then at release. So if I tap the H9 increment button, it increments twice (it goes from Preset 1 to 3, instead of 2).

I have a similar issue with the “Long Press”. When I initiate the Long Press, it treats it like a regular Press; and when I release the Long Press, it gives effect to the Long Press action. I.e., when I Long Press, it triggers both the Press and the Long Press action.

This does not happen with the other devicesI am controlling (Voodoo Switcher for my amp and Chase Bliss Tonal Recall and Automatone).

Please help.


Ok, so I found the online post suggesting using “Release”, which I have done now. That seems to address the Press/Long Press issue I had.

However, I still have lots of issues controlling the H9. The Activate/Bypass commands work when assigned to Double Tap, but don’t work when I assign to Release (it only works for Bypass - it will not reactivate). There also seems to be an issue with remembering the toggle state. E.g. I have the H9 on/off switch on Bank 1, I turn it on (so it blinks, in Toggle 2), then go to the menu, when I jump back to Bank 1, the H9 status is shown as off (Toggle 1) even though the pedal is on.

That’s right. Long Press will trigger Press as well. That’s why you need you use Release and Long Press together. Long Press will not trigger the Release event, but will trigger the Long Press Release event when you release the switch.

Thank you, James. I am still struggling to get the H9 to properly respond to On/Activate and Off/Bypass messages. Here is the current setting for the H9 on/off (with Long Press jumping to another Bank of H9 presets).

With these settings, Msg 2 works (Bypawss/turning off the pedal), but Msg 1 (turning on/Activating) does not work. The Long Press works to jump to Bank 6.

Here are the relevant H9 CC messages:

How can I set up the MC8 so that it can both bypass and activate the H9?

I also have similar issues with the Bank 6 settings (where each MC8 switch selects an H9 preset and toggles that preset on and off, and detoggles the other presets in Bank 6), but I think if I solve this issue, I can fix Bank 6


Seems like you are not intending to use the Message Scroll feature (the button on the right of the blink button), but it is currently turned on. Can you try turning it off and see if it works for you now?

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Hallelujah! Thank you, James! That did it. I naively thought this option just scrolled the name of the preset, lol. I should have read the tool tip.