Eventide Blackhole

the Blackhole can receive midi signal via trs. Can anyone help me on what would I need to use that feature? I’m using an MC6 MKII. I guess I’ll need a midi to trs cable (links to buy? would it work with Teenage Engineering midi cable kit plus a minijack-jack standard adapter?) and have the messages sent to the channel of the unit. That’s as far as I had gone.
Thank you!

Are you using the Exp ports on your MC? If you’ve got one spare than a TRS 1/4” to TRS 1/4” cable should work I think, looks like the eventide has a 1/4” TRS multi function Exp port like the MC, and the manual shows how to change it to MIDI TRS.

So then on the MC it should just be a matter of setting the Exp port to the required flavour of MIDI TRS: https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/753729538/MC6+User+Manual+firmware+3.8#Switchable-TRS-MIDI-Configuration