EV-10 Expression Pedal Control of H9 Parameters thru MC6MKII

I have a BOSS EV-10 Expression pedal that I’m trying to use with the H9. The MC6MKII reads and calibrates the pedal just fine. I just can’t get the pedal to control any parameters in one of my H9 pedals (in this example called “H2”) no matter how I change the Editor settings. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

Without checking I can’t remember if this will make a difference but: you’ve got Toggle mode active for your preset but your message positions are set to ‘Both’. Try turning toggle mode off.

Shouldn’t make a difference but you’ve got message one set to Press and message two set to Release. Try setting message two to Press.

Are the expected values being sent when you check with MIDI monitor?

Is the receiving pedal definitely able to receive those CCs and do something when they’re received?

Also, have you disconnected from the editor before trying this?

Thanks, I will double check those settings!

Hi. Have you watched this video at this timestamp yet? We show you how to set up an exp pedal with the H9.

Thanks, yes I’ve watched that video over and over and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. It ended up that I made a wiring mistake. I did learn some things along the away though:

  • When using with an ML10X, it doesn’t hurt to always load the preset loop before activating the pedal

  • Using an expression pedal with the MC6 MKII + ML10X + H9 is an awesome experience…once you get past the setup.

  • Always check your cabling first when you have a problem. :wink:

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