Entering Sysx strings

I want to create controls for the Boomerang III, got the commands but they are Sysx.
Tried to enter a string in the Editor, but it was confusing—for example, no way to start with F0, which is required!
Any clues?

The string to start record on track 3 is F0 00 1F 0F 12 F7

Thanks for any help!

Just leave out the first F0 (and the last F7?), the editor fills it in automatically.

Use the Create SysEx Preset feature:

You can paste the string there:

After click on Apply, it will populate the messages for you:

Excellent, I will try this.

Unfortunately, didn’t affect the Boomerang. I then tried to send that info from BandLab, still no dice.
But it’s not the MC6’s fault . . .